Drawing for all

10 Tuesdays Oct 10 - Dec 12, 2017
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10:30 - 12:30

Drawing is the foundation for all art forms. This course will focus on observational drawing, using still life and the model as subject matter. A range of media will be provided, enabling participants to sample and then select their preferred medium. 

Previous courses... 

July 2017 Into the Wild 5 - watercolour and oil pastel drawing en plein air of the wilder parts of Dulwich Park

June 2017 Armchair travel - watercolours of Venice canals, using John Singer Sargent as inspiration

March 2017  Vanessa Bell still life - oil pastel interpretations of still lifes by Bell and her contemporaries 
Sept 2016  What Makes a Landscape? mixed media explorations of favourite landscape views

March 2016  Mountains and Meadows - oil pastel interpretations of Nikolai Astrup's colourful landscapes

Dec 2015  Winter watercolours - using the leafless local and Scottish highland views to inspire watercolour and wet media paintings

Nov 2015  Vanitas, Memento Mori and Dutch flower paintings - explorations in mixed media of this range of still life subjects

April 2015 Close to Home - watercolour landscapes and shop fronts in the style of Eric Ravilious

Feb 2015 What Emily Saw: Visions of British Columbia - oil pastel studies of the coastal views of BC en route to Alaska

November 2014 Swirling Light - in the footsteps of Emily Carr - oil pastel drawings of forests and totems of coastal British Columbia 

October 2014 Alfred Wallis - paintings on card in the style of Alfred Wallis

August 2014 Into the Wild 3

March 2014 Reinterpreting the Masters 

November 2013 Romancing the River - Whistler

August 2013 Into the Wild 2

July 2013 Crisis of Brilliance 

March 2013 Drawing the clothed figure